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You have many choices for a hair salon in the Bitterroot Valley. But there’s only one that offers a holistic, biodynamic  experience. When you walk in my salon, you won’t smell harmful chemicals. What you will smell is wholesome goodness in a cozy environment. The best part is that you can order the products I use … anytime, from anywhere & have them shipped to you.

Another added bonus, if you have curly hair, I’m your curly hair expert!

- Toni Lewis Clark

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Hair cuts
Includes a relaxing shampoo bath
Men $35
Women $45
Kids $25
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Hair Coloring
All things color using Ammonia-Free coloring Treatments
Starts at $75
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spa pedicure
Enjoy the soothing relief of my CBD infused Super Salve. Your feet are going to feel amazing!
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gel nails
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Start at $75
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Foot Zone Treatment
Enhance your body’s natural healing ability
Increase your energy
Improve your sleep
Experience relaxation
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oway hair products

sustainable luxury

Eco-sustainable Hair and Skin Care Treatments with essential oils and
biodynamic active ingredients in 100% recyclable glass and aluminum packaging.

why oway?

I found myself making an organic shift in my personal life which naturally spilled over into my studio. After years of searching.
I was so excited to finally find an organic color line that worked. Not only to cover those stubborn grey hairs. But the condition of the hair just gets better and better with continued use. 
I also love the ethical way Oway is packaging their products. (When you order don’t let the peanuts fool you. They melt because they are made from corn starch!) They even encouraged me to create a refill station in my Salon to save on packaging.  Which saves you $ too.  Because when you bring your beautiful glass amber bottles in for a refill you save 15%.
 Makes since to me. Why pay twice for packaging? And then throw it in the landfills? 
I feel when we find better ways to do the things we love. We have an ethical responsibility to make the change. After all if everyone does a little more to be conscious about the environment and the way we consume. Future generations will be left with a beautiful place to live. 

featured oway product

Ad-mire.v_salon would like to bring you this months featured products. 100% made in Italy,
Oways bio-rich water and boho palmade.
I love the bio-rich water for getting out tangles, it hydrates the hair and the senses as it releases its wonderful lemon balm aroma into the air and onto the hair. ( I’ve even been known to spray my clothes and pillow because it smells that yummy, clean, fresh).
In Oways description of bio-rich water they use the word.
hydrolant, a French term for the condensed steam used to infuse water with the essence of beneficial plants. See also water, aromatic; waters, floral; hydrosol; water, essential; and water, prepared.
This clarifying statement helps you understand just what bio-rich water means.
So far I have found it to, detangle the hair, refresh curly hair and give hair an added layer of moisture without having to shampoo. It also protects the hair against external pollutants.
I often will add a bit of boho palmade to finish the hair for styling. The sent reminds me of an orange sickle with a bit of spice. It’s a clean gender neutral fragrance. The hold is light and isn’t sticky, works great for men who like a well groomed look that will stay in place. And for women with longer hair, I find it helpful when curling freshly washed hair. It gives the clean locks and nice light hold so your curls remain bouncy.


simple to order

Ordering products from Oway is simple. Click the button below to watch a short video on how to order and use our special code to have Oway delivered to your door.

delivered to your door

No more wondering if I’ll have your favorite shampoo on my shelf. My cozy salon can’t hold all that Simply Organics has to offer you.
Save $5 each time you choose to shop with me on line using my affiliate link.
Plus when you spend $50 or more enjoy FREE shipping!
Ethically packaged. Don’t let those little peanuts fool you. Get them wet, they melt!

fans of oway

I have in the past felt guilt about spending money on having my hair done. I would get box kits from store or just bleach my hair, all of this damaged it severely!! Then I met Toni❤️ From my first steps into her shop I felt like there was hope for my thin, wispy hair. Toni listened to my ideas and began to execute a plan to recover my hair from the depths of despair. No longer do I feel the need to buy products at Walgreens to save a few bucks!! It’s far more important to save my crowning glory and to spend time with such an amazing soul!! Thank you Toni for being you.. my homeopathic hair doctor!!
T. Parks
Corvallis, MT


oway products

delivered to your door